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A little bit of beautiful …

25 Jan

Just a little something to inspire on this Tuesday ….


Days gone by?

24 Jan

I do find these old adverts amusing. It seems, at first glace, so far removed from the present era. Though when I thought about it advertising these days really does use similar tactics, perhaps just a little more cleverly disguised!

A little joy …

21 Jan

Hurdles and a serendipitious tattoo …

19 Jan

This week decided to show me who’s boss and set up some horridly high hurdles to jump (you know those challenges that make you want to slink away from even trying to leap).

Anyhow, the week had made me think of Amanda’s Wachob’s work. Her body art looks like a small child finger painted the skin (though she also does more detailed beautiful tattoos come works of art). So while I was looking at Amanda Wachob’s tattoo art I found some of her other lovely paintings — these vintage-style images of kitsch beautiful women (above) that I felt like sharing.

I decided that if ever I wanted a reminder on my body that life can be light and airy and full of joy it would be one of her child like designs in pastel colours right there on my wrist so I wouldn’t forget, sort of inspired by the one below.

While I’m not ready to jump on a plane to NYC and hold out my wrist for some beautiful pastel ink quite yet, I thought I’d share her images with you …

Kirstin Scott Thomas, you’re all woman…

17 Jan

The woman will be fifty-one-years-old this year. She has fine lines (she’s laughed and not erased those moments bless her!). The lady has obviously carried a bottle of sunscreen (smart girl). She’s not afraid to grace the screen not wearing a scrap of make up (I’ve loved You So Long). And her performances make my heart melt (see Nowhere Boy and Sarah’s Key). Kirstin Scott, you’re all woman.

Joan’s pen necklace: the mystery revealed …

14 Jan

I posted about Joan recently. Yes, I only need to use her christian name, right? While I’d hate to think I might not be so unique if I tell you where I got mine I will tell you, because, well, I’m a schmuk and good at heart — which is where that pen dangling on the end of the necklace sits, so I figure it’s telling me to tell you where it came from. So here is the mystery revealed. Now, just check with me if we’re going to be at the same place when you plan on wearing it. I bought mine first so I get first dibs on the wearing of it, ok?

A recipe …

10 Jan


a dash of the Australian bush

one remote swimming hole


mix together and immerse self in both