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a place to hide away…

29 Dec

Beauty isn’t what you have without, it’s the hue of what’s within, beaming out… Sometimes I need a place to hide, to snuggle in the quiet, to meditate and let the forehead creases relax, to find peace… I found a place to stay between a swimming river (you know me!) and some snow capped mountains (which might not have snow on them) to while away hours and to mark the New Year perfectly.


Just dreaming…

27 Dec

Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed by bathing and swimming. I will swim in any river, lake or possibly puddle. I track down bath houses and mineral springs when I travel. When I saw this picture I got a bit excited.

Joan can I borrow that dress?

24 Dec

The clothes, the curves… That pen necklace! Joan, can I borrow that dress.?

Birthday time…

23 Dec

When I was a kid pretty much every birthday I had was a pool party. Born and bred in Perth, Western Australia, the weather was reliable. I knew I could play pass the parcel on the freshly mowed grass outside and then swim like a fish in the backyard pool with pink zinc stripes across my face. There was always lolly bags too. I still think grown ups should get to play pass the parcel and have lolly bags on their birthdays.

Now days my swim suits don’t have a cute little skirt on them and I tend to wear invisible zinc rather than the coloured stuff but I’m still fond of a pool party. Though Melbourne, you temperamental girl, you don’t always pull through with the weather.

If you are coming to see me in the beauty room today sing me a little happy birthday tune as I work away—no time for pool parties and swim suits, being an adult is tough sometimes …

The least likely of places

22 Dec

There is magic in the daily moments I have with clients, even when I’m tearing hair from body parts. In moments of quiet, even as a stranger, people share their secrets if you let them, and there is magic in that trust.


PS. I believe in fairies. Truely.

Almost a rock star…

21 Dec

Someone left me a little present in my beauty therapy room the other day: a pair of worn knickers. I couldn’t help but giggle. I made a few calls to clients and the mysterious panties seem to have no owner. If the aromatic oils, calming music and tranquil lighting were replaced with sweat, beats and strobe I might just feel like a rock star.

Pastel fever and make believe

20 Dec

Despite the Melbourne cold today I’m playing pretend… It’s technically summer. And if you sit by the heater and don’t look outside the window you can’t help but feel floaty if you make believe.

Nars palette shade 8